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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to remediate your property. Below, we would like to walk you through the steps of the mold remediation process.

Mold Remediation Process

1. At the beginning of the job, the technicians will set up a containment surrounding the affected area to avoid cross contamination and will set up a negative air scrubbers to clean any toxic particles from the air. Please note nobody is allowed inside the containment until the inspector gives the Post clearance results. These procedures will reduce any prior contamination within the areas that are being remediated.

2. Demolition is the second step. Technicians will demolish the affected and surrounding areas as necessary which includes: e.g. drywall, floor, kitchen cabinets. Under industry standards, they will scrub down the area and apply antimicrobial agents to complete the process. Please note repairs are not included as part of the remediation process.

3. After the job is completed, the machines will be running for 48 hours before a post clearance inspection is done. Please note that this inspection would be performed by a third party of your choice , if you would need recommendations we can provide a list of inspectors we recommend.

4. You are required to schedule your post clearance inspection, Please make sure is schedule 24 to 48 hours after the Mold remediation procedure is completed. Please also consider that after the Inspector has completed his inspection, that you will need to wait for the lab results, this will confirm that the Air quality is at normal levels.

If during Post Clearance Inspection the inspector finds visible mold in the areas included in the scope of work, we will come back to follow the inspector’s recommendations at no additional cost.

However if the inspector finds that we have follow the industry standards and finds No Visible MOLD in the area included in the scope of work , the inspector will guide us to investigate additional areas that may be the reason for not meeting normal air quality levels.

At that point , we will need to create a change order with a new scope of work following his recommendations. Be advised that additional charges may apply based on the new scope of work


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